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    8 Ways to Enhance an Evening

    Whether you’re as loved-up as a Jane Austin romantic or feel like binge watching Bridget Jones with a litre of ice cream, there’s always time for romance.

    1. Whether you’re wanting to show it off, or just know that you look incredible underneath your work attire, wear something that makes you happy! Our lingerie range is perfect as inner or outer wear and will give you a little skip in your step! Check out our range of Chic, Provocative and Seductive lingerie.

    2. It’s about time you introduce something new to your collection. Adult pleasure toys from Prudish. Our lifestyle products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they will make your toes curl in all the right ways! Treat yourself to a glass of wine, a nice bath and a Lelo pleasure toy.

    3. Plan to Netflix and Chill? Why not open your mind, lose your inhibitions and enjoy a night of game play instead. Turn off all technology and turn each other on (cheesy, I know!)… It’ll definitely be a night to remember!

    5. Want to try something new? The Lelo and Fifty Shades of Grey range are the perfect choice. Challenge yourself to try something different. Watch your partner’s eyes pop when you whisper what you’ve bought! Prudish is a sex toy store where you can feel comfortable browsing into the early hours.

    6. Plan a romantic picnic and watch your partner squirm with our luxury pleasure toys… I’m 99.9% sure that all ladies would rather receive this than a card.

    7. Spend the night alone, with our range of ladies pleasure toys. Don’t worry guys, we haven’t forgot about you, you can find a complete range of male pleasure toys in our Mister range.

    8. Still not sure? Have a look at our ‘Lifestyle Products’ on Prudish.com. There’s something for everyone, and remember… don’t be Prudish!

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